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School Vision

Our School Vision is what we aim to do.                                                                                                                  Our School Vision:

Lliswerry Primary School aims to be a 

Centre of Equity and Excellence for Learning and Wellbeing. 

We strive to provide equity and excellence in everything that we do.  

We are committed to improving the education and life opportunities for all.  


Our Mission Statements are the actions we will do to achieve our School Vision.                                                 Our School Mission Statement:

Belong. Empower. Aspire.   

Perthyn.     Grymuso.       Dyheu. 

Our Place to Belong. We engage together in a welcoming environment that values our diversity

 Our Future to Empower. We support each other to develop the skills and self-belief to flourish and succeed 

Our Passion to Aspire. We encourage innovation,promote ambition and celebrate achievements

headteacher's  welcome

On behalf of our governing body, staff, pupils and their families, it gives me great pleasure, to welcome you to Lliswerry Primary School. 

Our school team and families work as partners to improve the education and life opportunities for all.  We aim to be a ‘Centre of equity and excellence for learning and wellbeing’, providing the best support at the right time for everyone. 

Lliswerry Primary is ‘Our Place to Belong’. We work together in a welcoming environment that values our diversity.  

We believe this is ‘Our Future to Empower’. At Lliswerry Primary we support each other to develop the skills and self-belief to flourish and succeed. 

At Lliswerry Primary we have a ‘Passion to Aspire’. We encourage innovation, promote ambition and celebrate achievements. 

We are delighted to share your child’s learning journey with you. 

Mrs N Lawrence, Headteacher

School events calendar

Please check here for all of the important dates in the coming weeks and months - get them in your diary!  


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Lliswerry Primary School

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COVID-19 Guidance and Information

We will keep this section of the website updated with any relevant information and guidance regarding Covid-19.

If you have any specific queries, please contact the main office.

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